The 6th World Doll Festival, devoted to GermanyThe 6th World Doll Festival, devoted to Germany

平成28年 10月28日[金]〜30日[日]平成28年 10月28日[金]〜30日[日]
讃州井筒屋敷・引田の街並み 10:00〜16:00讃州井筒屋敷・引田の街並み 10:00〜16:00
入場無料※ 讃州井筒屋敷母屋のみ入館料要   [大人 300円/小・中・高 150円]入場無料※ 讃州井筒屋敷母屋のみ入館料要   [大人 300円/小・中・高 150円]

In the Festival, you can meet the World Culture through dolls!
This year we collaborate with the German House in Naruto and we plan to perform Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.
At the Headquarters, Izutsuyashiki, a Marché will be held with German dishes, souvenirs, beer and sausage, etc.
Strolling in the Old Hiketa, you can enjoy 1,500 dolls from 71 countries sent by Esperantists, and through them get acquainted with the cultures they came from.
You can metamorphose yourself trying on amazing garments!
Our staff will welcome you in traditional costumes.

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